Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God test


Have you ever wondered how to start a conversation with someone about God? Do you find it easy to just speak about what you believe with any person?

The God Test is designed to promote DIALOGUE on the critical questions surrounding FAITH, SKEPTICISM, and the PURPOSE of life. There are ten questions for both those who believe in God and those who do not.

Designed by Dr. Rice Broocks, this test is designed for Christians to use to engage their friends who may not share their faith in thoughtful dialogue about matters of eternal significance.

We have been trained to use the God test and have amazing testimonies about God opening up people’s hearts when talking about things that have eternal consequences. I have realised that people are actually more willing to talk about God than we (and especially me) are willing to ask.

We have used the tool to start conversations with complete strangers or friends about who God is and God has opened up people’s heart for the gospel while doing it.

Jampie spoke to a Dutch guy the other day on campus who is contracted by the women’s hockey team. Amazing how the guy is so open about matters of faith and religion. Also a bit scary how he had absolutely no clue of what sin is…

Barend, did the God test at his building site with his guys working for him and used it to lead most of them to God!! He also received Sotho bibles which he could hand out to them and he is now busy trying to lay spiritual foundations in these guys’ lives!

Obakeng en Itani has also used it to great affect on CUT campus, leading five guys and three girls to come to a saving knowledge of Christ between them.

I had the privilege of leading a guy to the Lord on Tuks campus and also sharing it with three others on campus in Bloem. These are all people that I did not even know before I simply walked up to them, asked them if i could ask them a few questions about God, doing the God test. It has ended up in some getting saved, some joining our life groups and some at least thinking about what life is all about and where they are heading…

This is an amazing tool to help engage your community and your work place with the gospel!

To listen to Rice Broocks training, click here


  1. The link to the Rice Broocks training audio does not seem to be working. I tried changing the link to: http://everynationpretoria.org/?page_id=23&did=297
    but I could not find the resource on your pages of downloads. Can you look into it? Mark

  2. Hi Mark,

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you!!
    If you click on the God test photo the link takes you to Rice Broocks website where there is an explanation of what the God test is all about, as well as a S.A.L.T. training video!
    I tested it again this morning!

    If you continue having problems, please email me at cjscriba@gmail.com